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I'm senri, a french illustrator who loves to draw characters with cool clothes in colorful backgrounds !I worked on some cool stuff like CD and book covers, convention posters, collective artbooks, magazine spreads and Character designs/Mascots.
But I mostly enjoy drawing writing and working on my own stories !

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As a struggling disabled person, every little thing counts, so thank you !


Collection of some of my illustrations


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Contact Me

Please fill this form with what you'd like to tell/ask me !**do not contact me for NFTs, I will also not work for "visibility", thank you. **


Here is a simple price chart for basic commissions !

Full Body Black And White with touch of colors : 120€

Half Body, one character, full color with simple off focus background : 170€

Scenic Full Body/color, one character, simple background : 300€

Scenic Full Body/color, one character, complex background : 500€

Thank you very much for your interest !

You can add elements to your commissions, like more characters, a background, a specific mood/aesthetic..., the easiest way to get a quote is to contact me !Please keep in mind, those are the prices for private commissions. Please contact me for professional projects.

  • I only accept Paypal for payment.

  • I will require a 30% deposit to start working on your commission.

  • In case of cancellation, that deposit is non-refundable if I already started working on your commission.

  • Private commission cannot be used commercially, they are for the client's own personal use only.

  • For Professional/Commercial uses, please contact me to discuss the terms.

  • Unless stated with discussed terms, I own the rights to the illustrations and reserve the right to use it as example and/or post it for promotion with the notion "commission".

  • Extra characters are 70% of base price (Ex: 77€ for an additionnal character B&W full body).

  • Complex character designs with lots of details will cost extra charges.

  • I won't draw NSFW/Mechas.

  • Please be precise about the deadline. If you do not state a definitive deadline, I will assume you are not in a hurry.

  • You are responsible for the references. Stickfigure sketches are very welcome for your ideas. Do not shy away from any sort of references.

  • I will not draw "in the style of" or by copying another artist's design/ideas.

  • Edits of the sketch are free but keep them resonnable.

  • Edits past the linework/coloring step will be limited to 2 free and will then be charged 30€ afterward.

  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I feel uncomfortable with the subject/client.

  • I will not work/draw for AI training or NFT related things.

Process:We will discuss the subject, agree on a price, then I will ask for the 30% deposit.
Once I receive it, I will start working on a sketch that you can validate or ask for changes.
Once the sketch is validated, I will then do all the linework (and color if chosen).
I will then show the final piece to you for final validation.
I only accept 2 edits once the illustration is "done". Additional edits will be charged.
You will receive your final piece in full resolution via a Google Drive link that I will keep active for 2 months.
If you need me to reupload the piece after that period, I may take some time to do so.